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The 2013 Man Crush List

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The 2013 Top 10 Man Crush List is finally here and this year’s list is better than ever. So many candidates try and woo me throughout the year for my praise and attention on this prestigious list but only a select few have the distinct privilege of making it. This year we’ve added a new category for honorable mention. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and let me know what you think: @BruceRWilson

Honorable Mention #3: Marcus Lattimore – One of my favorite Gamecock players of all time, the standout running back from South Carolina broke several school records over the past few seasons and fought his way back from numerous career ending injuries to get picked by San Francisco in the 2013 NFL Draft. Marcus is a role model for many young athletes and a great spokesperson for the University of South Carolina.

Honorable Mention #2: Brian Vickers – Here is a friend that came back from life-threatening injuries only to lose his job when Red Bull Racing closed its doors. Not willing to give up Brian continued to fill in for drivers on the Sprint Cup schedule and also race on the Nationwide circuit (a series he won at age 20). He made a strong case for a full time car by winning this past Sunday at New Hampshire.

Honorable Mention #1: Christian Bale – It started with an amazing performance in American Psycho and then he took us to the edge as Dicky Eklund in The Fighter. For three powerful movies Bale was Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. As we approach the one year anniversary of the film’s release, the Colorado Theatre Shooting, and the death of my father all on the same day, I salute the man who could arguably be the best Batman ever.

The 2013 Top 10 Man Crush List:
#10: Vince McMahon (Last Year: #8) – What more can be said about Mr. McMahon? Behind the scenes he has grown the WWE to a global entertainment icon and in front of the camera the 67-year-old continues to be one of the greatest and most outrageous characters in the history of wrestling. So many viewers each week tune into Monday Night Raw, the longest running weekly episodic show in the history of TV. Every wrestler works hard to make it into the business however a lot of them owe their popularity to Vince and his various creative teams.

#9: Alexander Skarsgard (Last Year: #10) – Although ‘Billith’ is the main attraction on HBOs True blood, Alexander is still a Viking hottie (yes I said it). The big rumor is he is slated to play Tarzan on the big screen. Who can forget his role in the music video for Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”? It also doesn’t hurt that his dad is a famous actor.

#8: Channing Tatum (Last Year: Unranked) – Tatum was named People magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive this past November after starring if the film Magic Mike, a movie based loosely off of his own experiences as a male stripper before he became a famous actor. There is no disputing his appeal. The young actor played Duke in the both GI Joe movies and was the lead in the big screen adaptation of 21 Jump Street. His newest movie White House Down has brought in $63 million dollars.

#7: Jadeveon Clowney (Last Year: Unranked) – Clowney was viewed by many as the #1 recruit in the nation coming out of high school in local Rock Hill, SC. When he chose South Carolina over Alabama, Florida State, and LSU, he instantly helped an already improving Gamecock team. Jadeveon has not disappointed by disrupting offenses and frustration opposing SEC quarterbacks for two years. His hit in the Outback Bowl against Michigan running back Vincent Smith was the top play on many sportscasts for months and will be replayed numerous times this season. Many look at Clowney as a favorite for the Heisman trophy and the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

#6: Darius Rucker (Last Year: #7) – Even though he still performs a few yearly shows with Hootie and the Blowfish, Darius is a bonafide country music star. He was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry last year and has a new album he is currently touring, True Believers. The big hit off of the album is a cover of Old Crow Medicine Show’s Wagon Wheel.

#5: Chris Hemsworth (Last Year: #4) – The man who played Thor in both the Avengers and his own feature film is a flat out hunk. He will reprise his role as the God of Thunder with that great accent in the sequel Thor: The Dark World set to release this November. The 29-year-old has a long career in front of him. I’m also jealous of the fact that Jane Foster loves him and not me.

#4: Jack Bauer (Last Year: #5) – The man, the myth, the legend…. Is coming back. Earlier this year FOX announced it would renew the fan favorite show 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorist special agent Jack Bauer. Another the world is excited, we were also a bit bummed by the announcement that the show would only be 12 episodes. It’s ok because we need Jack Bauer.

#3 Joshua Jackson (Last Year: #1) – Jackson will need to star in some good films, be on a new TV hit, or make some good news or he will be in danger of falling off of the list completely. Last year’s #1 ranking was a surprise to many, but he has fallen to #3, (only this high out of personal respect for when I met him) and let’s face it, Fringe has gotten so weird over the past couple of seasons it’s almost unwatchable. We need a Pacey Witter, a Charlie Conway, or a Blaine Tuttle soon!

#2 CM Punk (Last Year: #2) – CM Punk continued to amaze fans and became the longest reigning WWE Champion in more than 25 years with a reign of 434 consecutive days. The Best in the World battled all challengers and carried many of them to their best matches. In 2013 he lost the title to an undeserving challenger *, lost a spectacular match at WrestleMania 29 to allow The Streak to live, and took time off to enjoy time with his friends and his passions: The Chicago Cubs and the Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks. The Second City Saint is now back and better than ever.

#1 Justin Timberlake (Last Year: #3) – JT has reclaimed his spot on top of this Man Crush list after the release of The 20/20 Experience. The album futures hit songs Suit & Tie and Mirrors. Timberlake also appeared on Jay-Zs new album and is releasing another album The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 this fall. The musician is touring with Jay-Z and has also starred in Trouble With The Curve and hosted Saturday Night Live numerous times. He has won 6 Grammy Awards and 4 Emmy Awards. Most importantly he dated my love Britney Spears.

Falling out of this years list: Jeremy Piven (#9) and Michael Roth (#6). Also receiving votes: Henry Cavill.

As Always I welcome your thoughts on Twitter @BruceRwilson and in email

-Bruce Wilson is the owner of Superior Car Service in Charlotte, North Carolina. He not only writes on this personal blog but also writes for WFNZ 610 AM The Fan on CBS Radio. In his free time he likes to buy, sell, and trade sports cards. Follow him on Twitter @BruceRWilson.


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